Are your baby bottles and teethers safe?

So why should you be concerned about your baby’s feeding gear? Almost all feeding tackle today are made from liquid silicone rubber or PET, a plastic that contains recycled materials. This factor onto itself isn’t the issue but there are nuances in how its manufactured, tested and controlled that do. Next, we have the veil of the Consumer Product Safety Commission which may create a false sense of security, let us explain further.

First and simply Liquid Silicone Rubber, LSR and PET both can contain BPA, bisphenol A, which is a binder and adds toughness to the material. However, BPA, is water soluble and if trace amounts are not fully reacted in the manufacturing process then they may enter the body where they mimic human hormones, and in this case estrogen. This is just one constituent that can cause harm, and are several others such as lead, and Phthalates.

If you have sent any time browsing Amazon for baby products you likely have encountered a wide array of products claiming to be BPA free, lead free, phthalates free, and conforming to ASTM F963-17.  However, to declare yourself BPA free, lead free, or Phthalate free doesn’t really mean the product is free of these harmful constituents but rather they only contain a minimum level.  The next issue is Amazon only requires sellers to submit test documents, they do not actually validate them.

So why do manufactures continue to use these constituents in manufacturing well its simple, they’re inexpensive. Can baby products be manufactured without these constituents, and the answer is yes. We use none of these harmful constituents within our manufacturing or supply chain.