So if you’re like me and browse Amazon on a regular basis you may have noticed a tremendous number of baby teethers and related products declaring themselves as “Natural Rubber”, a natural and organic solution to your teething problems.  As an engineer these types of statements always grab my attention because natural doesn’t mean inert. Inert in the since it will not react with baby’s skin, or cause any other illness for that matter.

So what is Natural Rubber?  Well simply its any rubber that contains organic compounds known as isoprene’s, which come nonother from the rubber tree and most familiar as latex.

So please be careful if you happen to purchase a “Natural Rubber” product, the latex can cause blisters, swelling and localized trauma to your baby’s skin, mouth, tongue, … , etc. Children with allergies should avoid “Natural Rubber” because they may form an allergy to latex over time from exposure.

I hope this was helpful, please let us know your thoughts.