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Our Story

Greetings from the Just For Tots Family. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our products.

Just for Tots is a small family run company located in East Texas which began operations in 2019 to fill a specific need.  That need we feel is to give our consumers confidence in the safety of the products their babies are using.


With the birth of our 5th child we began our routine preplanning by selecting those baby essential items, teethers, bottles, … , and so on that we felt baby would need.  Like most of you went Amazon and were bombarded with so many options from so many sellers.  Performing our due diligence over a period time and a few suspect purchases later we determined that most baby products just didn't make the grade whether it were materials, general workmanship, or baby safe designs.  This was lead us to create Just for Tots. 

Our mission to deliver products that support parents and baby through early development, that simply put are safe and that you can trust. 

Most of our products are made in the USA and designed by us.

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